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Faux Paw Furs' Cashmere Throws and Bed Sized Blankets

 Made from the softest underbelly down of Himalayan mountain goats, cashmere is truly the world's most luxurious fabric.  

Please see Ordering Information Page for our return policy on cashmere throws and blankets.



3 Ply Leopard Cashmere Throw 60 X 80    $325.00

What could be more fab than a leopard cashmere throw?    
3 ply cashmere throw has 4" tassle trim & measures 60 X 80.   








4 Ply Cashmere Throws 52 X 72     $319.00

These amazing 100% cashmere throws are made in Nepal.  Soft lightweight throw comes in black, blue topaz, burgundy, burnt orange, camel, charcoal, crimson, Earth gray, espresso, mocha, rose petal pink, sage green, faded pewter and vanilla.  Throws are finished with a 4" tassel trim.  Please specify color when ordering.  Throws also available in custom colors for an additional $75.  Click graphic to see all color choices.


                                    Click graphic to see larger version of color charts




4 Ply Cashmere Throws 60 X 80     $350.00

These four play 100% cashmere throws are also loomed in Nepal.  Heavenly soft throws are available in black, blue topaz, burgundy, burnt orange, camel, champagne, charcoal, crimson, earth gray, espresso, faded lilac, faded pewter, navy, rose petal pink, mocha and vanilla.  Blankets also have the four inch tassel trim.  Please specify color when ordering, and click on graphic below to see all color choices.  Item/s are available in custom colors for an additional $75.00.  

                              Click graphic to see larger version of color charts





4 Ply Cashmere Queen & King Comforter Sized Blankets

The bed sized blankets are also 100% pure four ply cashmere made in Nepal.  They are edged in silk ribbon and both king and queen blankets come in camel, c, espresso, vanilla and mocha.  King blankets also come in black.  Blankets also available in custom colors for an additional $75.00.  Click on graphic below to see all color choices.

Queen Blankets     (90 X 90)     $549.00

Colors:    Camel, Charcoal, Mocha, Espresso and Vanilla
(Weight is 3 US pounds)

King Blankets     (90 X 108)     $599.00

Colors:    Black, Camel, Espresso, Faded Pewter, and Vanilla
(Weight is 3.5 US pounds)


                                     Click graphic to see larger version of color charts




Cashmere Baby Blankets     (36 X 44)     $150.00

Every baby deserves the ultimate in luxury, a 4 ply 100% cashmere blanket.  Also made in Nepal, baby blankets are edged in satin ribbon and come in baby blue, baby pink and vanilla.  Please specify color when ordering.  Baby blankets can be dyed a custom color for an additional $75.  See color chart above for all color choices.


How to wash your Cashmere Throws & Blankets

·         Squeeze gently to remove excess water, do not twist or wring. Twisting wet throws can result in stretching the shape of your cashmere item.

·         Dry flat away from direct heat and sunlight.

·         Press with a damp cloth over the cashmere, if necessary, using a cool iron.

How to store your Cashmere Throws & Blankets

·         Fold blanket/s neatly in tissue paper or in a plastic storage bag and store away from light, dust and dampness/moisture.

·        Cleaning before storage is recommended, as fresh stains not yet be visible can oxidize and become fixed during storage.  Any stains may also be food for moths.  Moths have a discerning palate and feast only on natural fabrics. Mothballs (naphthalene) and cedar chips are standard protection from moth infestation.



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Faux Paw Furs accepts money orders, cashier’s checks, personal checks, US Cash and Pay Pal.

Items should be washed in COLD water on a short cycle with an ordinary bleach free detergent.  LINE DRY.  DO NOT PUT IN THE DRYER!!!  Even the lowest dryer setting, including fluff, will permanently damage your Faux Paw Fur.  You may iron the satin, if necessary, on a lower temperature setting.  To protect the fur from heat damage, cover the satin with a piece of fabric, like a pillowcase.  By ironing the fabric on top of the satin, the satin will be ironed as well.  Check the fur side as you go for any signs of damage.


Please review all of the information on this page before placing an order.  All Faux Paw Fur items are custom made and will be delivered to your door 2 to 5 weeks after receipt of payment.   Orders are shipped via UPS Ground unless otherwise requested.  The Faux Paw Furs website does not have a shopping cart.  To place an order by phone, please call (949) 215-3647 from 9am to 6pm pacific standard time.

Fabric Samples:

There is a $5.00 charge for fur fabric samples.  Let me know which furs you're interested in, and once payment is received, they'll be on their way!